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Sophia Bush, Leighton Meester,
Gossip Girl, Men in Trees, The 4400,
One Tree Hill, Lost, Supernatural,

Sophia Bush |1-6|

Leighton Meester |7-9|

The 4400 cast |10-12|

Gossip Girl |13-15|

Men in Trees |16-21|

The 4400 |22-35|

One Tree Hill It's alright, Ma (I'm only bleeding) |36-53|

Lost The Beginning of the End |54-68|

Supernatural Malleus Maleficarum |69-83|

RBD |84-92|

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I'm looking for friends, Supernatutal, Moonlight or RBD fans will be great but no necessary. I have a lot of fandoms, so check out my profile and if we have something in common comment here.
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