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the vampire diaries, pretty little liars, tvd/pll cast + other people,
lost, legend of the seeker, supernatural, queer as folk,
some other shows, the mortal instruments, harry potter,

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First of all - we've got 500 watchers, thanks guys :)
I know I should've done you requests ages ago but I'm working on them now and I'll post them asap. Also if someone still wants to request something then you can do that by the end of this weekend.
And I just wanted to dump these :P

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the vampire diaries, pretty little liars,
supernatural, do começo ao fim, eclipse,
+ more

Wow, 100th post... Thanks to all the watchers!
And so I guess it's requests time :)
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Because I haven't posted in ages.

emily blunt, emma watson, katie cassidy, michelle ryan,
karen gillan, sebastian stan, twilight cast, formula 1 drivers,
true blood, doctor who, queer as folk, skins, the mortal instruments,
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